scagliola blackScagliola & Stucco Marble by Maurizio Feliziani.

Maurizio Feliziani has a decorative art attitude since boyhood and grows as a craftsman with the passion of decorative arts and in particular of "stucco".
He attends the artistic high school Tuscia of Viterbo and is formed as a decorator in the yard as well as participating in several specialization courses always in the decorative field.
In 1996 he met and attended the "European Center for the Conservation of the Artistic Heritage" of Venice and from there began his deepening and complete training with the technique of scagliola - stucco marble.
Master Maurizio Feliziani has been an Expert Master Teacher at I.S.C.R. - Institute for Preservation and Restoration in Rome.

Successive collaborations with the "European Center" masters in Italy and abroad lead Maurizio Feliziani to take up his own business with the opening of a showroom in Via dei Coronari in the historic center of Rome and to carry out many works for different commissions. Later, he also had experience in teaching Scagliola at the prestigious "Central Institute of Restoration in Rome"; recently gave a lecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Roma Tre University for the students of the "construction and restoration" course.

colonne in scagliolaFor several years he has formed and created an excellent specialized team with whom he has done several prestigious works in various parts of the world, from United states to Australia and Africa, becoming an international leader in the field of Scagliola-stucco marble.

He is currently the owner of the company Scagliole & Stucchi D'Arte of Maurizio Feliziani and administrator of two companies: Arti & Restauri srl and Artium13 srl based in Italy.

Scagliole & Stucchi d'Arte by Master Maurizio Feliziani proposes itself to Architects and to all realities dealing with ennobling and enriching homes and buildings interiors through the use and application of scagliola on architectural surfaces like walls, columns and pilasters, floors and rosettes and so on.

Scagliole & Stucchi D’Arte has carried out scagliola restorations at the Quirinale Palace in Rome for scagliola floors, in Coffe House and in the Cappella Pio IX; at two Sinagogues in New York; in the Casino Nobile of Villa Torlonia in Rome and at Primus Hotel in Pitt Street Sydney.

All historical buildings was subjet to protection by local superintendencies.


scagliola e stuccomarmo 07
scagliola e stuccomarmo 08
scagliola e stuccomarmo 02

pavimento quirinale scagliolaSince 1989, Scagliole & Stucchi d’Arte is an international point of reference for Scagliola / Stucco marble and has proved to be a Leader in this artistic domain.
And of course it offers itself for highly specialized restorations of old scagliolas and as a consultant and advisory service to companies.
It operates both in Italy and abroad.

More than 20 years of experience is what has enabled the firm to offer his clients high quality artistic coverings and shorter delivery times compared to average standards.

Joint work with experts and professionals of this domain enables us to satisfy any request, offering turnkey products.

Result is a kind of uninterrupted covering, outstandingly matching the rarest and most expensive marbles. Marble and Stucco Scagliola is an antique and noble tecnique dating back to the 6th century, but it has never been so contemporary as nowadays.
Being the marbling in the mixture and not on the surface, it can be easily rejuvenated over time.


scagliola lucidatura
pannello in scagliola
scagliola colonne

scagliola scaleScagliole & Stucchi d'Arte joins together the historical and traditional art tecnique and the most updated technologies, thus optimizing work execution time. The materials we use are totally natural and therefore 100% ecological.

What we offer our clients:

- Professional Advice and Consultancy
- Specialized Sampling
- Highly specialized Staff
- Supplies and fitting