Since 1989, Scagliole & Stucchi d’Arte is an international point of reference for Scagliola / Stucco marble and has proved to be a Leader in this artistic domain. And of course it offers itself for highly specialized restorations of old scagliolas and as a consultant and advisory service to companies. It operates both in Italy and abroad.

Scagliole & Stucchi D’Arte has carried out scagliola restorations at the Quirinale Palace in Rome for scagliola floors, in Coffe House and in the Cappella Pio IX; at two Sinagogues in New York; in the Casino Nobile of Villa Torlonia in Rome and at Primus Hotel in Pitt Street Sydney.

All historical buildings was subjet to protection by local superintendencies.
Marble and Stucco Scagliola is an antique and noble tecnique dating back to the 6th century, but it has never been so contemporary as nowadays.

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scagliola pavimento2
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